Is your data TRULY secure?
Over 30% of data breaches are perpetrated by insider employees.
Find out how Vaultless Smart Tokenization provides the solution. Advanced MASKING of data hides raw data, allowing for application of “Minimum Necessary Rule”; access to only what’s necessary to perform the job by your team or partners.
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Today’s ‘Unbreakable’ Encryption is Tomorrow’s Security Vulnerability

Evolving botnet and distributed supercomputing systems enable attackers to quickly scale brute-force systems to attack outdated encryption vulnerabilities. Advances in quantum computing neutralize AES-128 and put at risk even AES-256 encryption standards. A new solution is needed to counteract these threats; advanced smart tokenization by NXT-Security is the answer.

Employees perpetrate over 30% of data breaches?
NXT has the answer: Advanced MASKING of data hides raw data, allowing for application of “Minimum Necessary Rule”; access to only what’s necessary to perform the job.
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NXT Generation Data Security

Tokenization is substituting a sensitive data element with a non-sensitive equivalent, which has no extrinsic or exploitable meaning. With tokenization, hacking the transmitted data is pointless. When tokens replace live data in systems, there is minimized exposure of sensitive data reducing the risk of compromise or accidental exposure and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

In addition to Tokens, NXT recommends the use of encryption. Also, this allows for the best of both worlds. Using tokens for part of the protected Data ensures maximum security and speed of access. This combination creates a level of confusion for any would be hackers, using both solutions makes any effort to exploit your data extremely costly.


Most tokenization solutions create a hidden vault where every real value is mapped to a token value, often through an on-site hardware solution. But this approach merely means transferring risk, rather than reducing it.

NXT Security provides a Vaultless Tokenization solution with data redundantly distributed across the globe preventing the creation of centralized stockpiles for attackers to target. Locational data storage regulations are met as sensitive data can is stored wherever is needed throughout our global network.

The NXT cloud architecture provides you with the solution that eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments, maintenance costs, or specialized employee training. Our Vaultless Tokenization approach means a hardware less, instantly updated, and globalized Tokenization solution.


Traditional tokenization solutions hit scalability and performance challenges as the database grows. Our Smart Tokenization approach means that only sensitive portion of the data is tokenized to ensure privacy and security. Even the largest data set can be tokenized without any added latency which enables us to provide sub-second response times. NXT Security’s tokenization solution is a service based, elastic solution built for massive scale at a consistent lightning speed.

You’re never more than 300ms away from your data.
Other Advantages of Vaultless Smart Tokenzation
PCI, PII, & HIPAA Compliance

Because sensitive data is not stored on site, the scope of regulatory compliance is significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Multi Factor Data Access™

Our exclusive feature means no single party has direct access to securely tokenized data. Two or more parties must mutually agree to access data thus preventing internal theft.

Universal Compatibility

NXT-Security is compatible with any internet connected device capable of making an HTTP request. Continue using whatever OS or programming language you prefer.

A Comprehensive Security Solution

NXT Security provides robust solutions for today and tomorrow’s security threats. Contact us today to receive a free security consultation and see how we can help you protect your sensitive data.

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