AWS Outage. No Worries.

AWS Outage. No Worries.

This Friday 3/2/2018, AWS experienced a networking problem that had some serious impacts to some of its customers using the AWS cloud, however NXT-Security services remained unaffected and 100% available. Tech giants such as Atlassian, Twilio, Capital One, Zoom Meetings, and others reported issues providing service. This wasn’t the first time, AWS has experienced problems. Last year, AWS had a brief outage with S3 which also had significant impacts. You can’t really give Amazon too much grief though, after all keeping over 100 different service offerings up 24/7/365 and keeping a 99.95% availability/uptime is still very very impressive.

Nevertheless, the outages are why depending on third party SaaS is sometimes scary for businesses with strict availability tolerances. NXT-Security we realize this need and planned for it because we know that securing your data with a third party means your business availability will be dependent on that third party. We proudly say that our services remained 100% operational all Friday just like they have for over the last 24 months. NXT-Security offers the best availability SLAs of any token provider available; 99.999%. We are so confident that we even put in availability and performance SLAs into each contractual agreement to our customers. NXT-Security services not only span over 7 AWS regions (17 AWS Availability zones), but also other Cloud providers to ensure that the sensitive data we protect for our customers is always available to them at lightning speed. No other Token Service Provider can say that!!

With NXT-Security we have you covered. We are Always On. Always Fast. Always Secure.

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