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About NXT-Security

A true technology-focused information and data security company.  For organizations that store and handle sensitive data who want to reduce their liability cost or improve their security posture, NXT-Security provies Enterprise-grade Data Security as a Service solutions which enables seamless data-level protection across the enterprise through through tokenization and strong encryption.  Unlike other solutions in the market, our solutions are 100% hosted Software as as Service (eliminating the hidden operational costs) and offers subscription-based pricing for the services.

We are accredited experts in Information Security and Data Protection.

We are masters of elastic computing and architecting scalable and performance optimized systems

We are IT Service Management gurus that advocate the entire ITIL Service Lifecycle

NXT-Security is a value-oriented company. Its core competency is centered on adding value to our customer’s security need for effective data level protection. NXT-Security’s trademark is built on the uniqueness and effectiveness in offering satisfactory services to its target customers. We are committed towards communicating the value of our offerings to clients through whom we believe that our mission can be accomplished. At NXT-Security, we believe that our mutual success will be achieved when we jointly reach for excellence.  We are passionate about our customers and choose to invest in our relationships, effectiveness, professionalism and solutions for the benefit of our customers.

NXT-Security Office (2591 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034)

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Just reach out to us.  We are available, listening, and eager to understand your digital data security pains.  It is our hope and belief that we can help.  So challenge us.


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