PSEUDONYMIZATION VS ANONYMIZATION AND HOW THEY HELP WITH GDPR It is clear that in the world of data security there is a clear distinction between two terms namely: pseudonymization and anonymization. These data techniques are distinct in one major aspect.…

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GDPR: How to Efficiently and Effectively Secure Personal Information   The standards in regards to safeguarding and processing of personal information has been drastically elevated by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on the other hand, the tokenization and…

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Tokenization vs Encryption

Tokenization vs Encryption Although the internet has been beneficial in the way and manner data and classified document are being transmitted, the risk posed by cybercriminals in intercepting such data cannot be overemphasized.  Luckily, the cyber communities still have valid…

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AWS Outage. No Worries.

AWS Outage. No Worries. This Friday 3/2/2018, AWS experienced a networking problem that had some serious impacts to some of its customers using the AWS cloud, however NXT-Security services remained unaffected and 100% available. Tech giants such as Atlassian, Twilio,…

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Balance Between Usability and Security

Balance Between Usability and Security NXT-Security mentioned in Data Manager Online... A key strategy for today’s digital leader is how to provide engaging, usable interactions with customers on a variety of technology platforms while protecting the organization from data breaches…

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NXT-Security Expands Business to Europe

NXT-Security Expands Business to Europe NXT-Security LLC takes pride to announce that they are already an international company and provide their revolutionary tokenized services to the European businesses and organizations. Formerly serving the businesses in the US, NXT-Security LLC is…

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Reseller Preview

Reseller Preview You asked and we listened.  Up until now, our Tokenization platform provides data protection directly to organizations.  Over the last year, one interesting use case we have been hearing from tenant-based platform providers, is for the ability to…

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EVT Service Reviewed for HIPAA Compliance

EVT Service Reviewed for HIPAA Compliance Our Enterprise Vault-less Tokenization has been reviewed by a CISSP certified professional and has been deemed HIPAA complaint.  This is great news for all healthcare providers.  Data breaches of PHI and PII have cost the…

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Review of EVT for PCI Compliance

PCI/DSS mandates that anything that touches the PCI environment whether it is hardware, software, backbone and even a human are in the scope. PCI/DSS not only requires 100% compliance, but it is an extremely binary standard and there is no margin for creativity or even the possibility of objection or noncompliance with any of the 214 mandated controls. Failure to implement even one control will result in a noncompliance finding and the possibility of fines or a credit card brand refusing to allow the use of their card for transactions. The vaultless tokenization solution allows the flexibility necessary to create 16 digit tokens that could pass a luhn test and be dropped straight into our application with no modification. The solution also allowed us to display the necessary information from the original  payment card to allow customer service to support the ecommerce environment.

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