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Transacting credit cards has always been a target for attacks.  Unfortunately its required to conduct business.  To aid in forming standards for securing and protecting credit card related data PCI DSS was conceived.  Most Tier 1 merchants all too well understand the cost of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance and some unfortunate few understand the losses and damages of a publicized data breach which are hitting in the billions.  The classic approach to securing this information is strong encryption.  However, encryption does not reduce PCI scope of what must be protected and audited.  Our unique Tokenization as a Service EVT is the solution.  Through tokenization, you can significantly reduce your data exposure of payment card data and even in some cases eliminate it completely without simply transferring the risk or delegating your payment processing.


Experts say that cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry for data theft.  In general, most healthcare providers use antiquated IT infrastructure and low security requirements as compared to other industries.  Combine that risk with the massive storage and housing of PII and PHI (which is one of the most valued customer information assets on the black market today) and you have an industry ripe for the taking.  Our Vaultless tokenization services can be used to protect all data types required by HIPAA that is structured.  Substituting the real data with tokens or masked values at rest, in transit, and during use significantly reduces the data exposure.

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Insurance firms must usually conform with numerous industry regulations and government mandates such as Consumer Protection Act, PCI DSS, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform.  However, as in other industries, much of the competition for market share is based on reputation; it is paramount to their brand that they be recognized by their customers as a trusted business partner.  A significant competitive advantage that an insurance provider can have over others by using our services, is a peace-of-mind that their customers information is secure and protected and at a minimum of expense and overhead.  Using our EVT (TaaS) services information used during underwriting, claims processing, human resourcs, and payment processing can all be safely protected.


The organizations in the government sector are often targets for attackers because they store and process large quantities of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of their citizens.  Our Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) solutions can be used to further improve security and significantly reduce the risk of data exposure and data breach.