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Below are business situations and challenges that our services address and support. 

Regulatory Compliances

Regulatory Compliances such as PCI and HIPAA is an ever increasingly costly endeavor.  By implementing our EVT service for credit card, PII,  and PHI related data you can significantly reduce and even eliminate scope in your enterprise in some cases.  EVT is the only solution available that will allow you to keep credit card processing “in-house” but still allow you to eliminate PCI Scope.  Implementation is friction-less and easy.

Vulnerable Infrastructure

Legacy IT infrastructure is ripe for theft and the more complex the networking and server infrastructure is, the more easily it is for an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities and steal data at rest, in transit, and during processing.  Using our EVT service empowers you to secure this data by replacing it with irrelevant values throughout the business process enabling you to focus on only those few points that really need access to the real data.

Join the Next Evolution of Security

With our subscription based model and friction-less implementation, making significant security improvements is cheap and easy.  We pride ourselves on clear and transparent pricing calculations.  Your subscription cost will vary by industry, type of data, and service usage.  Let us know of your interest today and we can provide you with sample cost and implementation plans.  We know you will be supprised to learn just how easy and cost-effective it is to begin using our services and take giant leaps forward in your defensible posture.

Vunerable Dev/Test Data

Development and Test environment are a requirement to develop and deliver your solutions.  And in many cases, these environments are often refreshed with production data to allow for better testing.  Unfortunately, many dev/test environment do not carry the same security concerns as production leading to sensitive data exposure.  By using our tokenization services, your able to create separate security policies for your production and non-production systems.  Using our data level security policies will ensure that your clear text production data is only seen in part or not at all in a non-prod system.

Emerging Mobile Vunerabilities

Mobile devices and the corporate adoption of BYOD presents a new challenge to data and information security.  In the old days, your sensitive data never left your locked server room.  Now data and transactions extend beyond your own controlled infrastructure.  Our webservices are accessible and compatible with any internet-enabled device.  Using services like our Enterprise Vault-less Tokenization you can be sure that your data, while stored on the a compromised mobile device, is protected.

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Fill out our quick contact form and asked to get registered for access to our demo site.  Our demo site is a fully featured services offering platform.  While this environment is not held to the strict performance and availability standards as production, you may use this environment to test drive the services before buying.