We built our own payment service where we could manage different PSP (Payment Service Providers) on the backend.  This allowed us to be completely agnostic to what PSP would be used to acquire a credit card transaction and avoid any relationships with similar products such as stripe.com.  Still we wanted to provide a wallet type of experience for our customers.  Each PSP provided credit card tokenization and a wallet functionality but we didn’t want to be locked into any of those relationships.  This is where NXT-Security’s Vaultless Tokenization really shined for us.  We were able to use it to protect our customer’s credit card transactions and may PCI compliance a breeze.  Using Tokenization from NXT-Security completely removed the persistence attack surface from our infrustructure since no real credit card data is stored; only tokens.  We still have the scope of Processing and Transmission but we found those areas very easy to monitor, audit, mitigate risk, and pass PCI certifications.  API integration was simple and the speed and capacity is outstanding.  Performance and load tests before and after implementing the Tokenization service showed virtually no increase latency.  I would completely recommend using NXT-Security.